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Food Loss and Waste Reduction Action Plan now available

The new Food Loss and Waste Action Plan is now available. This plan was created in collaboration with the KC Food Wise Advisory Committee and Mid-America Regional Council.

This plan provides a comprehensive set of solutions designed to reduce the amount of food that is wasted and sent to landfills in the Kansas City region. It takes a holistic “field to fork” approach, addressing food waste wherever it is created along the food supply chain utilizing the following key strategies:

  • food waste prevention
  • food rescue
  • food recycling

The plan recognizes that everyone in the food system has an important role to play, and that what you do as an individual and what we do as a community will truly make a difference in reducing wasted food now and into the future.

While the goal of this plan is food waste reduction, it lays the groundwork for addressing a much broader range of issues that will help make a sustainable food system a vital part of Kansas City’s future.