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The Plan

Kansas City Regional Food Loss and Waste Reduction Action Plan

Learn more about the food waste problem and proposed solutions by reading the new Regional Food Loss and Waste Reduction Action Plan. 

This plan provides a comprehensive set of solutions designed to reduce the amount of food that is wasted and sent to landfills in the Kansas City region.

It takes a holistic “field to fork” approach, addressing food waste wherever it is created along the food supply chain utilizing the following key strategies: food waste prevention, rescue and recycling. The plan recognizes that everyone in the food system has an important role to play, and that what you do as an individual and what we do as a community will truly make a difference in reducing wasted food now and into the future.

While the goal of this plan is food waste reduction, it lays the groundwork to address a much broader range of issues that will help make a sustainable food system a vital part of our metropolitan area’s future. Chief among these issues are food security and ensuring that the diverse cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds of the region’s residents are represented and addressed in an equitable manner.

Food waste reduction is the starting point, but a sustainable food system in the Kansas City region is the ultimate goal.

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Explore the Food System Map

Our food system map is designed to build connections among all the individuals and organizations that are part of our regional food system. Explore organizations and see how you can get involved.