Grocery store produce area

Take Action: Shop

Shop smarter to prevent food waste

Grocery stores usually have everything you need, but also a lot of items you don’t, especially if you’re trying to reduce food waste. Here some helpful tips for shopping with waste reduction in mind:

  • Go to the grocery store more often and buy less food each time.
  • Beware of special deals on perishable foods like fruit, vegetables and salads. No matter how cheap it is, it’s not good value if it ends up in the trash.
  • The larger the cart, the more you’ll spend on food you don’t need and possibly waste. Use smaller carts if available or grab a basket instead. 
  • Don’t shop when you’re hungry or thirsty, it can lead to buying more than you need and potentially wasting it. Have a glass of water or a light snack before you go.
A woman holding a shopping basket and reaching for an item in a grocery store