Vegetable soup cooking on a stove

Take Action: Prep and Eat

Preparation for prevention

A lot of food waste occurs due to improper preparation and wasteful serving and eating habits. Here are some ways you can change that:

  • Use leftovers creatively. Turn leftover cooked veggies into ingredients for soup or create burritos with leftover meat and rice.
  • We tend to cook too much when hungry. Pay attention to portions when cooking on an empty stomach or have a light snack before you start.
  • Keep your serving sizes in check. Don't over-serve when you're cooking meals. There are tools to help you understand portion sizes for common foods when planning, cooking and serving meals: Food Portion Calculator and the Serving Size Card
  •  Produce that’s past its prime may still be fine for cooking. Think soups, casseroles, stir fries, sauces, baked goods, pancakes or smoothies.
Leftovers in a clear plastic container.